The installment loan is also non-banking

On-line loan installments

Do you need extra money? In this case, there are many loans to choose from. Now, the non-banking ones are more and more popular, for which we can also apply online. Many of us associate them mainly with payday loans, but currently we can also receive installment loans with a repayment spread over several years.

Non-bank loans are granted by loan companies that are not banks. Therefore, they can not grant loans, which is only possible at banks, but they can offer different loans. We have at our disposal a quick payday usually provided for one month, but more and more loan companies also offer installment loans to their clients. It is a good choice when we want to get a larger sum and easy repayment in low installments.

What are the non-bank loan installment?

Installment loans with home support

They are similar to loans offered by banks. Most often they are offered for up to 2 years and for a limited sum, for example up to PLN 10,000, but everything is dependent on the loan company. Thanks to the fact that the repayment can be divided into monthly installments, repayment of debt is not so severe for the home budget.

The installment loans proposed by non-banking companies are generally available in three options – as loans available online, as loans to be taken out by companies operating in a fixed position as well as loans with domestic servicing. Below we present more detailed information about these offers.

On-line loan installments

These are loans available through non-bank websites. In order to receive the money, we will have to fill out the on-line application and then go through the verification procedure, for example making a transfer. This is definitely the most convenient option, because we do not have to leave the house to get money on your bank account that same day. We make repayment using transfers.

Installment loans offered stationary

Installment loans offered stationary

The headquarters of companies offering such loans can be found in every major city. Their availability is also very easy – we do not usually have to provide any additional documents and just an ID card. Money in the lower amounts can usually be obtained immediately after signing the contract.

Installment loans with home support

Offered only by several non-bank companies. Then we also do not have to leave the house because a company employee comes to us and signs a contract and transfers money. Installments are usually paid weekly instead of monthly, also to the hands of a company employee. It is worth remembering, however, that the costs are higher compared to the loans offered on-line and on-line.

Therefore, when you need an additional amount for your own expenses and you want it to be larger than a normal payday loan, the installment loan is the best offer. Thanks to the possibility of spreading the debt into convenient repayment, low installments, we do not have to worry about the risk of exceeding the repayment date.


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